19 Useful Android Apps for IT Professionals

The Android has quickly become one of the most popular devices for phone, email and web surfing. The number of applications available for Android really makes it a device that can simplify your life and make many of your daily tasks much simpler. There are applications geared toward every career field, some that work for nearly any person who has a job, and some that are just plain fun. If you’re an IT professional, there are some great Android applications that are sure to make your work life much easier. Here are 19 of the best Android apps for people in the IT field.

  1. bMonitor: bMonitor is perfect for the person who is responsible for server reliability at the office. If your server goes down, this Android app will notify you. You can customize many of the features on this great app.
  2. Better Terminal Emulator: This app allows you to gain access to the Linux internals that reside in the Android.
  3. Connect Bot:A dedicated SSH tool that can juggle multiple connections and color code the text just like a real shell would.
  4. SwiFTP: This application allows you to FTP to your phone from any machine on the internet. You’ll love being able to do quick file transfers right to your Android.
  5. GScript: GScript gives you the power to run shell scripts with the push of a button.
  6. Wifi Buddy: Wifi Buddy is a Wifi network scanner tool. The screen shows all nearby Wi-Fi stations, the quality of their signal, and their chosen broadcast channel.
  7. Wave Secure Mobile Security: Mobile security system that lets you protect your data, and ensures privacy in the event your phone is stolen.
  8. Titanium Backup: A phone backup tool that can backup & restore all apps, even protected ones, with their data and their Market link. Can also save phone settings.
  9. Advanced Task Killer: Kill any running app quickly and easily with this application.
  10. Folder Organizer: This app lets you organize your apps, bookmarks, contacts and shortcuts by creating labels. You can also customize the icons for the labels that you create. You can really make your phone more organized and easier to use by taking advantage of this application.
  11. Theft Aware: Theft Aware helps recover your lost or stolen Nokia or Android smartphone. It enables you to control and find your device in the event of loss or theft. It even reveals the identity of your theif.
  12. Uber Keyboard: Adds features to your Android keyboard, including letting you type by talking.
  13. COL Reminder: Use this app to program your phone to remind you of things you need to do.
  14. FactBook: A reference app for your Android that can answer pretty much any question you can ask. Let’s say, for example, you want to know the population of Mexico. Well, with this app: just ask!
  15. MAndFileBrowser: Open source Android file browser. Simple file browser with cut, copy and paste actions. This app is new with development still going on. Expect changes and upgrades in the future.
  16. DejaOffice: DejaOffice is an Outlook, USB sync for your Android device developed by CompanionLink Software.
  17. My SQL: This app allows you to select, insert and Update data in your MySql Database. Recall queries from the query history menu. Export query results to a CSV file User interface includes Horizontal Scrolling.
  18. Advanced Launcher: Create shortcuts on your Android to any application or function. This app makes your Android much more user friendly.
  19. Informant: Use your phone to record meetings or conversations. Can be set to record in advance, so that you don’t have to do anything to activate recording at the proper time.

With these 19 Android apps, you’re sure to find ways to make your job easier, your time more productive and to really use your Android phone to its maximum potential. You’re certain to want to go out and download many of these apps today. And, the best news is: many of them are free or nearly free!

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