5 Tech Twitterers Worth Following

Technology is a term referred to whatever can be said of use of tool and is applied to all areas like   arts, crafts, professions, applied sciences, and skills. More it can be known as system or methods of organization that uses technologies. Below are mentioned some accounts of some tech experts on Twitter.

  1. BBC Click: Earlier known to be Click is a weekly BBC television programmee that covers news and recent developments in the world of consumer technology as shown by the Spencer Kelly. Totally, there are three sections of the programme, including 30 minute programme, the first is produced for a UK audience and shown on BBC News, and the second is produced for a global audience, aired on BBC World News.
  2. Guardian Tech: It is for the technical branch of The Guardian, a British national daily and newspaper having ownership of the Guardian Media Group. Guardian founded in 1821 is unique among all the prominent British newspapers. The Guardian has around certified average circulation of 283, 063 copies in and around March 2010. The Guardian has the second largest online readership of any English-language newspaper in the world, after the New York Times.
  3. FragDolls: It is a team of professional female gamers appointed by Ubisoft to promote the video games and showcase the presence of women in the gaming industry. These gamer girls play and promote games at industry and game community events, compete in tournaments, and participate daily in online gamer geek activities. The Frag Doll was started back in 2004 as an open call for gamer girls having competitive gaming skills. The Frag Dolls soon ablazed and came into limelight with Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow tournament in a shut-out at their debut tournament appearance.
  4. Tech Crunch: Now one of the leading and pioneering weblog was founded on June 11,2005 and is dedicated intensively for profiling reviews over and around new internet products and companies.   More than covering additional new companies it also provides profile for already existing companies that have curved out a distinct niche in field of new media technologies. TechCrunch has now grown into a network of technology focused sites offering a wide range of content and new media. It has now other associated sites like crunch base, crunch gear, Mobile crunch, Tech Crunch IT and Tech Crunch Europe, France and Japan respectively.
  5. iJustine: This account is for Justine Ezarik, who is an American viral video comedienne, actress, freelance graphic, web designer and video editor. She is primarily is based at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   Other name by which she is known to others is iJustine, a lifecaster that get into touch with her thousand of viewers on her Jusutin.tv channel. Entirelym she has made around 360 videos, including satire on subjects like lost and parkour. She, sometime even is described as a lifecasting star a new media star or one of the most famous lifecasters.
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