What’s the Average Salary with a PhD In IT?

Information technology, or IT, is one of the fastest-growing fields, in part because it is so deeply connected to nearly every other industry out there. As an IT profession, you could work not just in a technological company, but also in fields such as healthcare, green energy, security, education, and more. While at one time, IT professionals weren’t even required to have a formal education, today’s employers usually want to see at least a bachelor’s degree and the best positions in this field require even more. If you earn a PhD in IT, you can qualify for some of the most high-paying positions, working with government authorities, world-wide organizations, and other employers who will gladly pay a six-figure salary to those who have this level of education.

Base Salary for IT Workers

With a PhD in IT, you can take on a variety of roles, but one of the most commonly held positions is computer and information systems manager. According to government reports, the average annual wage for all managers in this field is $120,640 annually, so with a PhD, you can expect to earn even more. The highest paid positions are found in New Jersey, New York, and California, with the most just being available in Washington, D.C. Indeed.com reports that those starting out in an IT career with a PhD can expect to earn an average of $96,000 annually, so even with little job experience, you can earn a high salary in this field.

Benefits for IT Workers with PhDs

Keep in mind that the base salary you earn as someone with a PhD in IT doesn’t necessarily reflect all the job has to offer. IT workers who earn their PhDs hold some of the most well-respected jobs in the industry, and these jobs typically come attached to lucrative benefits packaged, which include retirement plans, health and dental coverage, paid vacation days, travel cost reimbursement, and other perks.You may even be able to get your PhD or continuing education for free through your employer if you have a master’s degree and are working in the IT field.


With a PhD in IT, you’ll also be qualified to work for yourself as an IT consultant. In this role, earning potential is only limited by the amount of work you do, as IT consultants are in high demand around the world.

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