Scholarships and Grants for PhD in Information Technology (IT) Students

Are you interested in advancing your education in the field of IT (information technology). Today, many colleges are starting to offer PhD programs for IT students, which provides you with some of the most advanced training in the world. With a PhD in IT, you can focus on practice, teaching, or research, and after graduation, you’ll qualify for some of the top-paying positions in this IT industry. And, with the help of scholarships and grants, you could actually go to school for free, so there’s no reason not to consider entering a PhD program.

Scholarships versus Grants

Scholarships and grants are both “free” sources of money for college – after being awarded either, you don’t have to repay the money like you would with a student loan. Scholarships are typically gave based on merit and are most commonly available for undergrad students (though some are also available for more advanced students). More commonly, PhD students are offered fellowships, which is like a scholarship (given to the best of the best), but may come attached to responsibilities such as being a teaching assistant at your college. Grants are available to students at all educational levels and can be used for tuition or to fund specific research projects. Unlike scholarships, you typically have to show financial need to be eligible for grants and they’re sometimes available for larger amounts.

IT Scholarships

If you’re looking for scholarships or fellowships to earn your PhD in IT, you can start your search with IBM, the National Academies, Google, and Microsoft. Scholarships and fellowships are also often offered directly from colleges to attract the best and brightest students. These funds are typically extremely competitive, and you may need to meet certain criteria to apply (for example, some are available specifically for minorities).

IT Grants

Grants are also extremely competitive at the PhD level. While grant applications are typically longer and you have to have a detailed plan for the money, the amount of money given as a grant is usually much higher. Some grants are given specifically for PhD students studying in the IT field, while others are available to all PhD-level students regardless of academic field of study.

Top Online PhD in IT, IS, and Computer Science Degrees

Northcentral University
DBA in Computer Sci.

Northcentral University -- Northcentral University's DBA in Applied Computer Science prepares students to take on executive roles in information technology through advanced education in the information technology field. Coursework combines leadership principles with the latest technology, and emphasizes the intersection of management principles with emerging media, as well as database management and troubleshooting.

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Walden University
PhD in I.S. Mgmt
DBA in I.S. Mgmt

Walden University -- Walden University's PhD in Information Systems Management and the DBA in Information Systems Management help students manage information, get the most value from investments in organizational systems, learn about e-commerce, security management and risk assessment, and system design. Students also learn to manage people effectively to create a positive and energetic working environment.

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