Top 50 Up and Coming IT Blogs

Anymore, information is king. If you know how to use information and technology to your advantage, there is almost nothing that you can’t do. When you know information technology, and how to use it, you can make yourself a great career. There are a number of jobs that you can enjoy when you have an affinity for information technology.

Whether you have a PhD in IT, or whether you are just starting out, it is possible to use your knowledge in a meaningful way. You can learn more about different areas of information technology, get the latest news, and find others who share your interests when you read helpful blogs online. While there are plenty of older blogs on IT, you can also learn a great deal from the up and comers. Here are 50 great blogs on IT, all of them launched after January 1, 2010:

General IT News and Information

Keep up with the latest information technology trends and news. Interesting headlines, commentary and more related to what’s going on in the world of IT.

  1. TechGlobeX: A great blog with news on technology, information and the latest gizmos.
  2. 2lix: This online IT magazine has a number interesting stories, and is relative new.
  3. Techno World: A look at IT, science and technology news.
  4. Considers information technology news and information.
  5. Technology Blogged: Considers news, reviews and more about technology, products and software.
  6. HassanTech: News, information and tips related to information technology.
  7. Daily Technology: Keep up with the latest news in technology news and reviews.
  8. Technology 2 Reality: News and headlines related to the latest IT developments.

Computer Programming, Web Development and Software

Find out more about computers and how to program them. Great techniques, helpful hints, and more. Plenty of tips from knowledgeable professionals and amateurs on software and web development.

  1. Computer and Technology Blog: A look at computers, programing and more related to information and technology.
  2. Stefan’s Tech Notes: Software, web development and more related to computers and IT.
  3. Raymund Macaalay’s Dev Blog: Information on software technology for IT professionals.
  4. Rants and Apps: Plenty of programming rants and information IT professionals might find useful.
  5. Qafoo: Looks at PHP and is concerned with web development.
  6. Pragmatic Blog – Open ERP: A look at software and content management systems.

Computer Networks, Information Systems and Security

Understanding how computer networks and information systems work is important in the field of IT. If you want to learn more about this important aspect of information technology, as well as about information security, you can read the following blogs.

  1. Networking Tips Blog: A look at different computer networking tips.
  2. InfoReck: A great information security blog with helpful information on creating secure systems.
  3. Halo Information Systems: Offers a blog about information security and systems management.
  4. Lenny Zeltser on Information Security: Learn more about what it takes to keep your information secure.
  5. Zach’ Posterous: Great blog about information, technology and hacking/penetration.
  6. The Shivling: A look at topics related to information security.
  7. Learn more about information security, get the latest software news, and more.
  8. SecurityOrb: News related to computer and network security.
  9. Security In-FOCUS: Keep up with the latest in IT security.

Applications and Gadgets

These blogs all relate to the development of applications. Additionally, there are some great gadget blogs as well. With mobile gadgets becoming an increasingly important part of the landscape, and with computers doing more than every before, it pays to know about software and applications.

  1. Mobile Technology and Telecommunication: This blog looks at gadgets, apps and communication through technology.
  2. Techiezlounge: Aimed mainly at mobile technology and information. Great blog related to apps and software.
  3. Mobile Technology Blog: A look at mobile technology, gadgets and applications.
  4. Technology2Reality: Considers different software and applications, and how they can be used to improve a variety of results.
  5. Gadgets Blog: Reviews, news and information related to mobile apps, gadgets and other technology information.
  6. Latest Technology Buzz: Gadgets, applications and more.
  7. Technologies Blog: European blog looks at gadgets, software and applications, as well as IT and social media.
  8. JK Technologies: Looks at software, apps and technology news. Plenty of great information for the IT professional.

Educational Technology

IT is playing a bigger role in education. Understanding how information technology can be used to enhance the educational process and connect learners to new opportunities is important.

  1. Knowledge Management System (KMS) Blog: Takes a look at technology and education, and offers insights into IT and learning.
  2. The Education Technology Blog: Find out more about using technology in education.
  3. Educational Technology: This college professor looks at the role of technology and information in education.
  4. ConnectedEd: Follow this blog about learning and technology.
  5. Edudemic: A look at the world of education and technology. News and commentary as well.
  6. Hack Education: A look at edtech, and what’s next.
  7. Mr. Riley’s Blog: This computer science teacher can help you find answers to edtech questions.
  8. Tech the Plunge: This long-time educator offers insights into technology in schools.

Health Care IT

If you are interested in a health care career, but don’t want to become a doctor or nurse, you can consider a career in health care information technology. We use tech all the time in health care, and being proficient in health care IT can be a real career advantage.

  1. Wellness & Technlogy: If you can get approval to read this blog, it can be an interesting opportunity.
  2. DVR PHX Blog: This is the health care technology blog from Desert Valley Radiology.
  3. NaviNet Blog: A look at health care IT, as well as telemedicine and more.
  4. The Medical Technology Blog: Learn more about med tech, as well as IT and computers.

IT Law

There are a number of issues associated with information and law in this age of technology. These blogs help you tackle them.

  1. Intellectual Property and Information Technology Blog: A look at different laws related to technology and information.
  2. Information Technology Law Blog: Looks at the latest news in IT law.
  3. Kelly Law Blog: Information and news related to Internet law and more.
  4. Technology Law Source: News, information and commentary on technology law.
  5. Emerging Technology Law Blog: This blog has just been started, and offeres interesting insights into emerging tech.
  6. Austin Technology Law Blog: A look at technology and law.
  7. Marks and Secrets: This blog offers a look at Internet law, in addition to business law.
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